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PANTONE CMYK Coated & Uncoated


Pantone accuracy and convenience for four-color printing!

The new PLUS SERIES CMYK guides contain 2,868 CMYK colors, chromatically arranged for smoother transitions between process colors and more intuitive selection.

Visualize, communicate and control CMYK process colors for type, logos, borders, backgrounds and other graphics treatments. Compatible with today's digital workflows.

Screen tint percentages are provided to enable accurate color reproduction.

Printed using bio-friendly, ISO-certified inks.

Text weight paper is used, to match popular print specifications.

Includes color index, lighting evaluation tool and design software.

Set of two CMYK color guides, coated and uncoated.

Product Id: GP 5101A

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2,868 process colors

Chromatically arranged

Screen tint percentages are provided

Two-guide set on coated and uncoated stock

Text weight paper substrates

PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software for updating PANTONE Colors in popular design applications

Color locator index

Includes ColorChecker® Lighting Indicator to aid in lighting evaluation
Product Id: GP 5101A

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Accurately select, specify and communicate color for four-color process printing

Easy location of desired colors

Compatible with digital workflows

Easily reproduce colors in process printing with supplied CMYK screen percentages

Shows the effect of coated and uncoated stocks on each color

Provides a printed standard for color comparison and quality control

All colors are reproducible within commercially accepted printing standards

Compatible with today’s digital workflows

Included lighting indicator tool determines if lighting conditions are suitable for accurate color selection and matching

PANTONE Colors are internationally recognized for color communication and are globally available
Product Id: GP 5101A

Net Price Rs.